Medical Director

Dr. Gabriela Binder is a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Working since 1990 in community mental health.

Highly experienced in diagnosis and treatment of children and Dr. Gabriela Binder, Child & Adolescent Psychiatristadolescents with emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders. Led integrative team of mental health professional working in collaboration with the educational and welfare services in the community. Managed a Ministry of Health child and adolescent clinic for more than 15 years.

Currently directing private clinics around the central region of Israel.


Tel: 054-5463207


Dr Binder is the author of the book:
Who is afraid of the darkness monster“.
מי מפחד ממפלצת החושך?







 An interview with Dr. Gabriela Binder
at  “The Marker” magazine – 27.1.2023