Corona diagnostic kit

Corona (COVID-19) diagnostic test kit registration

Corona virus testing are an important tool. They serve alongside prevention via use of biocides and disinfectants, hand hygiene and social distancing.

Use of Corona (COVID-19) virus diagnostic test kits (IVDs) requires registration with the Ministry of Health. It is forbidden to import and sell without a license.

Corona virus diagnostic test s are divided into several groups and varying accuracy:
– Immunological / Serology  IgG/ IgM based
– Molecular diagnostics
– Open and Closed kits (dedicated/ machine specific)
– Research only IVDs

The Ministry of Health has recently  imposed the requirement for Special Clinical Trial Validation of Serologic,  IgG/ IgM based, Fast result Corona tests / kits.

Sponsors must perfom and provide a validation clinical trial to validate the kit.
It is a mandatory requirement in order to obtain a license.

Mind Pharma Europe will process your quality test kits to become available quickly.  Best technology and products should be registered smoothly, without delay. Public safety is an embedded priority for us.

We, at Mind Pharma Europe consult, assess the documentation and certifications required (CE, ISO, licenses etc). Our team provides guidance and consultation on such registrations.
We assemble the Corona test application dossier “full kit dossier”, process submissions and escort till license.
Once license is issued, we support the launch of product and can handle import licenses and permits.

Our support extends beyond registration!

Need more information? Need to process submissionContact us here.

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