Health Basket & Reimbursement

Health Basket & Reimbursement in Israel

The Israeli National Health Basket of drugs and technologies is updated annually since 1995.
The extent of expansion is dictated by the budget allocated for the next year.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) issues a call for proposals in January every year, with submission deadline by end of March. Sometimes an extension is granted, provided that an initial application has been submitted.
The application is submitted by the Appointed Pharmacist on behalf of the pharmaceutical company to the Pharmaepidemiologic  and Drug Economics department.

The National Health Basket includes a basic basket of drugs technologies and services that should be made available to all Israeli citizens by the Sick funds (HMO).

Applications can be made to include registered drugs or drugs that have been submitted for registration and are likely to be approved during the year.
However, submitted drugs may receive priority review should they be included in the new health basket. Hence the process may enhance the regulatory process.

Inclusion of drugs and technologies in the National Health Basket is key to making their drug or technology available to patients and to their marketing success.

The National Health Basket updating process in general:

• Call for proposals
• Initial assessment
• Data collection
• Extensive evaluation
• Prioritizing
• Committee decision and recommendations
• Government approval and legislation
(usually by Dec 31st )
• New basket valid as of Jan 1st

Here is the list of drugs and mdical foods submitted for the 2021 inclusion

The call for proposals for 2022 Health Basket is due in January 2021.
It is a good time to start preparing for it.

Health Basket 2021 Update !! Dealys in nomination of the National Health Basket / Reimbursement committee. It may affect the process and approval of new drugs and technologies.

Sample translation to English of the Ministry of Health guidelines for Health Basket National list inclusion submission. 

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