Israel issues new Medical Device Law 2012

The Israeli parliament passed in May 2012 a new legislation.
A new law for “Medical Devices – 2012” has completed all phases.
This effort made by a subcommittee of the Labor, Welfare and Health committe, took over a decade of discussions and debates to be completed.
The law was published on May 14th, 2012 and will become valid in 60 days.
Some sections will come into force within a year.
The law covers the manufacture, marketing, distribution, recycling and use of medical devices.

Some highlights: 

  • Under this legislation, all medical devices must be registered (mandatory) with the Ministry of Health.
  • The license will include the approved use / indication.
  • The license holder will have to comply with license terms. The MoH director may exempt from registration, devices for research or limited use in clinical trials.
  • New guidelines will handle an off label use of devices.
  • The license holder will also need to monitor adverse events and advise on recalls etc.
  • Renewal of license must be submitted 4 months ahead of license expiry.
  • Pharmacovigilance system and adverse event monitoring and reporting are required from manufacturer and importer.
  • Penalties for incomplete applications, starting from one month “hold/ block” for resubmission and escalating.

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Translations to English are available for: M
edical Device Law (2012)
as well as Medical Device Regulations (2013). 

A sample of translation of law:

The Israeli Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance of keeping public safety and allows only safe, efficacious and high quality medical devices reach the market.

Medical Equipment Law (Israel), 2012

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