Our Vision

Regulatory time nibbles patent exclusivity time and sales potential.

Mind Pharma believes that new drugs and latest technologies for improved health should be made available as soon as possible to patients.

We help bring safer and more advanced therapies to improve care and quality of life for patients.
We strive to bring a smooth fast-track from innovation to market.

With our expertise, experience and dedication we serve companies who wish to be first to deliver high quality reimbursed medical solutions and better health to our market.

Mind Pharma leverages latent periods when company is busy in other markets. While waiting, you can initiate registration and accelerate market access.

When using a local agent we help your company keep a better control of its IP and license.
Our unique strategy frees our client’s time to focus on their core business goals and objectives.

The time we save for our customers allows extracting higher value to patient’s health, society, company and shareholders, with highest ethics and integrity standards.

By selecting Mind Pharma as your strategic partner, your company can leverage our unique strategic solutions, outstanding relationships with local regulator,  to accelerate the completion of registration and access market faster.

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