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A selection of articles on Health and Strategy topics.
Mind Pharma provides periodic updates and insight into the Israeli healthcare arena.

The Israeli market is constantly changing. New reforms are set, new drugs enter the market and new challenges appear.
Here you can find the latest news about Israeli healthcare system, statistics, information, reimbursement, and insight data on the performance of hospitals and sick fund.

Pharma Business Avalanche – A GO / Baduk perspective, by Shavit Fragman

Pharma Business Avalanche

Applying GO/ Baduk strategy tools in Strategic Pharma Management: Pharma Business Avalanche discusses the Challenging Avalanche phenomenon of patent expiry in the pharmaceutical industry.

Patent expiration is a major threat to any pharmaceutical company.

GO is an ancient game of strategy.
GO / Baduk game is taught in MBA programs to students.
Improve your business performance with GO strategies and thinking. Think globally, act locally.

Go strategies are used in Wargaming  and Scenario Analysis sessions. It is an excellent tool for analyzing competitors.

Mind Pharma Europe will help your organisation to establish and fine tune strategy for better results and market position.

The rules of GO/ Baduk are simple but the study of its strategies and implementation requires high skills.
The use of its strategies in business is very useful.

Pharma Business Avalanche