Mind Strategy & Marketing

Mind Strategy & Marketing  provides strategy workshops and consultations. Workshops are led by Shavit Fragman.


  • Strategy workshops (including business war gaming).
  • Strategic marketing, positioning, modeling, focusing workshops.
  • Market Insight / Market access reports and guidance on the Israeli healthcare arena.

Senior executives and corporation workshops

  • Strategy workshops with links to economy, game theory, management and marketing strategies, case studies analysis.
    Workshop with senior officials of the Israeli Ministry of Economy.
  • Business strategies and proper use of resources and synergy.
  • Implementation of global thinking and reasoning in strategic and business activity.
  • Use of a Strategy game as model for business conduct.

Read more about applying GO/ Baduk strategy tools in strategic pharma management:

Pharma Business Avalanche – A GO / Baduk strategy game perspective, by Shavit Fragman

Challenging the Avalanche phenomenon of patent expiry in the pharmaceutical industry.

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